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Severus Snape's Journal

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10th September 2003

8:01pm: Severus smiled approaching Lupin's door brandishing a handful of yellow flowers.

Not at all his style, but a shock was what he was going for.

He knocked quietly, then tucked his hand behind his back, fixing an odd grin to his face waiting for an answer.

6th September 2003

3:23pm: Severus stood outside Lupins door with no real reason to be there.

He smoothed his robes and hair self conciously, then walked to the door and knocked sharply.

31st August 2003

6:45pm: Severus stood outside the heavy wooden door to Lupin;s office with trepidation...and a very large goblet full of foul smelling liquid.

Sighed he finally raised a hand and knocked for entrance, hoping to get this over with as soon as he possibly could.

After the last conversation he'd had with Lupin, he was worried about what to say now.
2:17pm: Owl to Lucius MalfoyCollapse )

29th August 2003

7:32pm: Owl To Lucius MalfoyCollapse )

27th August 2003

5:06pm: Severus hefted his sheath of parchment and rolled his eyes as he knocked on Lupins door.

He hated this, it felt like conceding that Lupin had won. But the man did have a point.
The children would need teaching and he was willing to share his knowledge and resources for it.

He also knew that Lupin was a good teacher and had ample knowledge himself.
8:11am: Owl to Remus J LupinCollapse )

26th August 2003

12:20pm: Severus once again slinked out of the Castle and towards town.
He knew he was playing a risky game being out so often and going to the same place.

He pulled his hood up against the wind and continued on his way.

Once there he raised his hand to knock, then made a face and walked in.

"Lucius?" He called, lowering his hood.

25th August 2003

8:40pm: Severus slammed down behind his desk, determined to get some work done, but all that appeared before his eyes was that flash of blonde over Lucius shoulder.

With that came the sinking realisation that he's been caught. By none other then his lover's son. And a former student at that.

How much had Lucius told him? Severus himself had fled while the two of then were still locked up in Lucius' study.

He drummed his fingers on the desk and made the decision to go back and see Lucius again, despite the frequency of his comings and goings.

Owl to Lucius MalfoyCollapse )

21st August 2003

11:05am: Severus slid out of the Castle as quietly as he could, holding his long robes tightly around him.

Once a safe distance away he apparated to a very familiar house, then recalled he had promised to owl first.

He retreated and looked around, seeing the post office not far away he went and paid for an Owl, carrying the tiny thing back to the house, he scribbled a note;

Owl to Lucius MalfoyCollapse )

14th August 2003

11:45am: Severus left the Castle stealthily, early in the morning. Once off the grounds he apparated into a house he knew well.

He leaned in the door frame of the study and regarded the occupant with a slight smile, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I assume, perhaps, you can tell me whats going on?"
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